Mr Flaccid - Dick in a box
Dick in a box - Mr Flaccid inside

Dick In A Box - Mr Flaccid

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Show that special someone you care...with a dick in a box. Give the joy of letting someone suck on a dick (made of candy of course as we unfortunately cannot supply real dicks - that would be like, male prostitution). Laughter, smiles, and excessive sucking are side effects.                                                                                                    

Mr Flaccid - 2.5 inches long and damn proud of it. These dicks are for those who are in love (the honeymoon stage), in lust (just go straight to the sucking), or in crush (yea, we've all been there). So, pretty much everyone. Easy to suck and also as a bonus, easy to hide (for those with uncontrollable urges during lectures or meetings). In orange or cherry flavors. 

All dicks should be loved and cared for and come wrapped in a Box with a gift bow and a red tissue.

**Ready to be dispatched on the day of ordering**

*-Recipient and purchaser MUST be 18 years of age or older-*

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