About Us

Do you have somethin' real important to give? Ready to lay it on the line?

Skip the diamond rings, fancy cars, and a house in the hills...no, you needs somethin real. Give that special someone in your life a true gift that matters.

Give them dick in a box! Share the ultimate joy of letting them suck on a dick (made of candy of course as we unfortunately cannot supply real dicks - that would be like, male prostitution). 

*This is a gift intended for every single holiday, with pure and hysterical intentions. While we do support giving a dick in a box, we don't actually support giving your actual dick in a box. That is just crude and can actually be dangerous, especially if mixed with super glue and stuff like that. 

**Warning, recipients may show the following side effects: excessive sucking, sudden desire to get hitched, automatic level up from "casual dating" to "yea, we're pretty serious", a sometimes insuppressible appetite for dicks, and uncontrollable horniness when viewing or thinking of cherries and oranges and rainbows. We are not responsible for this. 

Read the FAQs for more dick related information. 


"It was a mouthful.... This was a wedding gift for some friends; it went over well as the intention was to get a laugh and share the same sense of humor. Have not received any feedback on the taste, but the hard rainbow was beautifully crafted; great hand-job crafted material."

C I. 

"It was on time for me to take it as a gift to my friends birthday. First she thought it was a replica of mine before I showed her your website. But hey, I take that compliment! haha Thank you again for your "D" in the "B" and your care of a worried customer :)"

Best wishes from Germany

"Absolutely perfect  It was the perfect gift, with a decent price, fast shipping and anonymous, which made it even more perfect."

Jeff H

How it works

1. Pick a type of candy dick you would like to send (candy penises people, not real ones). Mr Flaccid candies are 2.5 inches long with a 2 inch circumference. Mr Hard candies are 6 inches long with a 5 inch circumference. 

2. We put that dick in a box, then tossed it around gently in wrapping paper, kiss it with a nice bow, and enclose it in a box. 

3. We mail that box.

4. They open the box. Please make sure to let them know it's your dick in a box they will be enjoying. We are not responsible for what happens after. Use protection! 

Give a D in a Box