Dick In A Box - How to make

Why I love The Lonely Island and Justin Timberlake?

They know how to make "Dick In a Box". :D So here three important steps:

Dick in a box - how to make

Step 1: Cut a small hole in a box (or bigger if you have a bigger c*ck)

Step 2: Put your ****** in that box.

Step 3: Make her open the box... make her happy. :D

But if you prefer lKEA instructions for making Dick in a Box:

Dick in a box - step 0

Dick in a box - step 1

Dick in a box - step 1

Dick in a box - step 2

Dick in a box - step 3


Best. Gift. Ever!

Photos from: http://kottke.org/06/12/ikea-dick-in-the-box

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