Dick In a Box Is The Most Amazing Gift You Can Give To Your Girlfriends

Wondering what to gift your girlfriend this Christmas? Or, are you someone who thinks a diamond ring doesn’t have any significance?

Dick in a box - example

Well, you’re not alone. There are tens of thousands out there who often put heads together as to what they should give to their sweethearts as gifts. This is where “dick in a box” steps in.

A gift box, the dick in a box is much better than other gifts and is ideal for any occasion or holiday be it Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and so on.

Unlike diamond rings or fancy cars or houses in hills that seem to have no connection with love, a dick in a box will make your beloved feel all the more special and close to you.

So, before we finally dig into how to make a “dick in a box”, let’s see what exactly a dick in a box is!!

What Is Dick In A Box?

A dick in a box is a special gift that guys make for their women out of penises that they strategically place in boxes and crown them with bows. Made out of three holes, this gift-wrapped box is fastened to the waist of guys. Out of three holes, one hole is for dick and other two holes having same height as belt are used for fastening the gift box.

The concept of Dick in a Box comes from a single by The Lonely Island that featured Justin Timberlake. Coming from the album Incredibad, the video shows two ballad singers warbling a holiday song regarding preparing a gift for their soul mates of their members which they encased in cardboard boxes, strategically placing them and topping them with bows.

How To Make Dick In a Box?

  1. Take a cardboard box, preferably square shaped.
  2. Cut out three holes in the box on one out of four verticals leaving uniform space between them.
  3. Now, place your phallus in the middle hole.
  4. Use the holes on either side to fasten the box. You can use your belt for the fastening purpose.
  5. Crown your phallus with the bow tie.
  6. Now, cover the box and ask your girl to open it for you on a special holiday or occasion like Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or on any other holiday you want to surprise her.

That’s the way you get the gift box in few minutes. Perhaps, the most amazing gift you can give to your sweetheart whether you are at her parents’ house, at a grocery store mid-day or backstage at the CMA’s.

So, what are you waiting for? Make a dick in a box today and impress your girl in a unique way you’ve never done before.

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