How to make a SNL Dick In a Box costume?

Homemade SNL Dick in the Box Costume is such an easy and funny costume. It may seem easy, but either way, I’ve decided to explain in detail how to make a Dick In A Box costume – one that Justin Timberlake himself wouldn’t mind being seen in. It’s already made my boyfriend the hit of a party once, so believe me when I say I could easily be The Lonely Island’s costume makerOhh and your costume won't cost you a single penny!

So, what are we going to need

  • An old suit jacket and pants. The more out of date, the better. 
  • An old shirt or t-shirt. A bluish or purple one will work best. 
  • Grandma’s gold chain necklace. The thicker and shinier, the better. 
  • Black sunglasses – as old-school as possible. 
  • A black sharpie to paint the beard. 
  • A belt to hold the DickInABox. Let’s face it – your boner’s not going to last for the entire 4-hour party. 

Justin Timberlake - Dick in a box costume

Now, let’s move on to the most crucial element of the costume: the gift box. How do we make a DickInABox just like the one in the music video?

  • The most important thing is a box of the right size, such as a shoe box. If you don’t have one, you can just go to any store and ask for one – they’ll give you one for free. 
  • Wrapping paper 
  • Scotch tape 
  • A ribbon to tie around the box and make a bow 
  • A stick-on bow (the main one will be undone by the first person, you don’t want to keep tying it over and over again) 
  • A sharp tool to cut the hole

Alright – if you’ve got everything you need, here’s how to make a DickInABox step by step.

1. Hold the box where your junk is. Note where your cock and your belt (which will be holding the box in place) are going to be in the box. Mark the points in pencil on the inside of the box.

2. Now, it’s time to cut the holes. Start by making a small hole with a sharp tool, then use scissors to cut a larger hole. I don’t know how big you are, but if you make the hole a little too big, it’s only going to be more comfortable.

3. In the upper part of the side where you made the hole, make two rectangular holes of the same height as your belt. This way, the belt will enter the box through one hole and come out through the other. After making the holes, I recommend reinforcing the box with strong tape both on the inside and the outside, so that when some thirsty chick grabs it, it doesn’t rip and expose its contents to everyone. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? :P

4. If the box doesn’t have a removable lid, you’ll need to make one yourself. Cut off the top part of the box with scissors. Make sure you leave a rim, so that the lid doesn’t fall off. Remember to cut each of the four corners of the lid – otherwise it won’t fit on top of the box

5. Alright, the hardest part is over. All that’s left to do is decorate the box, put it on and stuff your junk inside. :P If you don’t want your own dick in the box, we recommend at least tracing it or putting something dick-shaped in there – such as our lollipops.

SNL Dick in a box costumes

Believe me, you will astonish all at the party. We were laughing all night and everybody approached and wanted to see if the penis is in the box. P Isn't it the best and easiest Halloween costume?

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