This Is How "Dick in a Box" Looks in Top 5 Movies

1. Games of Thrones

Dick in a box - Joffrey from the Games of Thrones

Joffrey in a Box. ;)

Lord Greyjoy receiving a Dick in a Box

Lord Greyjoy receiving a Dick in a Box…Ps it is Theon’s dick

So is it possible?

Theon's Dick in a Box

No. :D

2. Harry potter


Harry Potter and the dick in a box


3. Star Wars

Star Wars #DickInABox

4. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Surprise in a box

Who put a dick in this box?


5. Batman

Batman - Dick in a box

And unfortunately, that's all what we found. :(
If you know something better or able to prepare better graphics with movies stars and #DickInABox, Please send it to
Top 10 authors will get... A Dick In A Box! :D We will contact with the winners! :)


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